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A burst geyser usually happens when you least expect it, and usually when you’re fast asleep. Without proper maintenance and care, your geyser is a time bomb just waiting to go off and wake you up when you’d really rather not.

The Geyser Connection’s excellent plumbers specialize in the servicing of geysers and, should the unthinkable 2am geyser burst become a part of your life, our emergency plumbers are standing at the ready to fix the plumbing problem.

In order to prevent a geyser burst, and the consequent damage to your home that will be caused by the plumbing problem, it is advisable to have a professional qualified plumber service your geyser at least every three to four years.

All you need to do is contact The Geyser Connection and our plumbers will take care of all the technical procedures that you’d rather not do or think about. That’s what we’re here for.

Burst Geyser – What to do?

Right. So it’s 3am and you have a geyser burst. What do you do?

The first thing you should do is turn off the geyser switch on your main distribution board. This may seem obvious, but when you have a burst geyser and you’re walking around in the dark with wet slippers in the early hours of the morning, your brain is probably not functioning at its best. Keep your wits, and a torch, about you.

Next, turn off the water at the meter box. Once you’ve done this, see if you can spot any leaking pipes that could potentially be dangerous.

After you have done this, call The Geyser Connection and rest easy knowing that with 23 years of experience, we’ve fixed many a burst geyser before and will send out one of our emergency plumbing experts to help fix your burst geyser.

When things go wrong, The Geyser Connection, is at your service. So call us anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend.